Rachel & Lillian Rose



Rachel was a 1997 graduate of Silver Lake High School going on to The College of The Holy Cross where she graduated in 2001. She did her third year abroad in York, England and knew she wanted to go back and she did, getting her teaching degree in 2002 then landing a teaching position at St. Augustine's High School. She taught there until Lillian was born in April 2005. She was a wonderful Mum embracing motherhood from the start letting everyone around her share in her joys right from the time Lillian was a "baby bump". After Lilly was born she went back to school as promised so they could all meet her and get their promised "cuddle time". Rachel grew up with a large loving family around her and wanted the same for Lilly moving back to the States when she was 4 months old to raise her and continue her career.

As a teacher at St. Augustine's High School in England, Rachel was determined to make a difference in her student's lives by education and involvement. When called upon by circumstances Rachel many times became involved with her students lives beyond the classroom door. Letters from her students to me tell me of her smile, bubbly enthusiasm and passionate energy for life. Stephanie O'Donneau, who Rachel had as form tutor for 3 years wrote to me saying, "whenever we were feeling down or had a problem she wouldn't rest until she made it better".

Let us try to do the same in their memory. We hope you will become a part of helping us to "never give up until we can make it better" in the fight against domestic violence and child abuse.

We are grateful for your support,

Priscilla and Joe Matterazzo, along with the family and friends of Rachel and Lillian Rose Entwistle

The following email was from Lauren Lloyd, a former student of Rachel's in the UK.


Dear Pricilla and family of Rachel Souza,

I need ro begin this email by saying that you don't know me - I was one of Rachel's pupils when she worked in Saint Augustine's and i have found your email address on a memorial website. I am now a teacher myself and was at a conference today where we were asked to think about the teachers in our lives that inspired us to do what we do. Miss Souza was the first teacher to come to my mind - and i was filled with both a great happiness and an unbelievable sadness. She was so full of life - I will never forget her lessons - not what she taught but the way she taught it, and the way she made us feel. She was more than a teacher; she was a friend and a guidence. She once gave us an asembely about her Grandma, and a story about a trip she took with her to see the sunrise and sunset - by the end of the story she was crying - and so were we. It wasnt customary to clap at the end of our assemblies.. but without cue, each and everyone of us stood up and clapped. and i have never forgotten that assembly. When she came back to school with Lillian, we were all so excited and I will never forget how happy she was.
When she was tragically taken away, it was such a sad time for everyone at our school, It was so hard to accept that such an amazing woman could be gone.. just like that. But she hasn't gone, because even now, I think of her, and remember her fondly. One day I would hope my children i teach can think of me in the same way i think about Rachel. So, although i can't tell her this myself, i felt her family derserved to know what a loved teacher, and woman she was - and what a difference she has made to people. She weaved magic into school and into my life and inspired me to teach the children of our future. 

Thank you for taking your time to read my email, I feel very priviledged to have shared a part of Rachel's short life. and thank you also for raising a daughter that was so dedicated to our lives and to our happiness - I will never forget her.

Lauren Lloyd

Lauren,  Thank you very much for sharing your experiences with us.  I'm sure Rachel would be please and proud to see that you have gone on to become a teacher yourself.  We wish you all the best.  We are confident that you will touch many of your students lives as Rachel has touched yours.

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